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Cristal On The Moon (Re-release)

A wise person once said good things come to those who wait and I believe it to be true. Back in 2009 when I was living in Atlanta I started working with a talented producer with a unique style by the name of Y Diz. I shared my self-recorded demo with Y Diz and he shared his spaced out funky bass tracks with me. There was one track in particular that struck a chord in me called “Cristal On The Moon”. As Y Diz proceeded to play his track “Cristal On The Moon” I felt so inspired by what I was hearing that I started to write the lyrics ” All I really wanna do is sip cristal on the moon”. This was the first song Y Diz and I had collaborated on. I was super excited. The track reminded me of something familiar but yet so fresh. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of music production; It was a new musical direction for me.

This track was a sign of growth in my rapping style and ideas. After sharing the track with so many people over the years and continuously working on it, “Cristal On The Moon” is finally ready to be shared with the interwebs and beyond. I present to you “Cristal On The Moon”. This song features verses from Miami based Beatboxer/Mc/Dancer Komakozie and myself. Production by Y DIZ, Guitar from Buffalo Brown and mastered by Adam Schechter (Warp-9). I sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported the song and given me feedback and hope. Listen and Enjoy!

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Dear Musicians & Art Lovers,

I am now taking commissions for the fall season.

My  specialties are : Illustration, Children’s Book Illustration, Album Cover Art, Editorial ARt, and custom painting of your choice. Prices very so contact me directly.

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Telekinetic Walrus at FONFEST NoV.9!!!

Telekinetic Walrus  and The Pride of Ions is one of the most hard working creative musical entities in the atmosphere!! The Telekinetic Family has steadily been developing and creating unique arts and culture to bring to the listeners/supporters. Come join Telekinetic Walrus as we celebrate our new release “Believers of The Flying Squirrel” at  Friends of Nature Festival (FONFEST) Nov. 9. 2013 Virgina Key, Miami, Florida. Check the promo video and flyer below!

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When you have many different skills,it’s always good to sharpen those skills to keep yourself on top of your game. I  recently decided to tap into my illustration side to create something fun, whimsical,and  vibrate. I chose to create this illustration  entitled “MOLLY CIRCUS” because I felt like the concept spoke to my youthful playful side. Now of this course this is an illustration inspired by Miley Cyrus and her zany VMA performance. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

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Oakland bred experimental soul singer Ka’ra Kersey has recently dropped her latest visuals. The track is called “HIDDEN BEAUTY” and suprisingly enough I did the beat production. This song was written by Ka’ra and the video is a follow up to her Junkyard Mixtape Vol.1 release that hit the interwebs this past summer. I think she’s on a roll so it’s time to ride the Dreamy Wave.

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Jack Preston is on “REPLAY”

Jack Preston is an Atlanta based emcee who has consistently been sharing his creative gifts with the Interwebs/world for a while now. He recently dropped his latest single called “Replay” on his soundcloud page so I decided it would be a great time to pick his brain and find out more about the man and art.

CS: Who is Jack Preston?
JP: An Atlanta based emcee, producer, musician, graphic designer and visual artist.

CS: I’ve seen you around in the Atlanta scene before I knew who you
were and you seem to stick out because you have a distinct style. How
important is style to you?

JP: Style is important in the context of creativity and communication. Style to me is much like an element. If you thought of the elements of creativity like a periodic table of elements, style would be one of the most important elements on the table to me. I enjoy utilizing style to personalize my art and daily expression.

CS: The first time I’ve seen you perform was at the Haiti benefit
concert early 2010. How long have you been performing live?

JP: I’ve been performing live since 2004. My first performance felt pretty natural, and it’s been nothing but fun since. The Haiti benefit show was actually the first performance with my band The Dojo in Atlanta.

CS: How do you stay inspired?
JP: Life within itself is inspiring to me. I appreciate dynamics, the highs and lows, and I’m always inspired by the human experience. That’s what most of my art is about.

CS: I know that you are a modern day renaissance man. So when it comes
to creating what usually comes first. The art? Lyrics? Or the
JP: It all comes at different times and different rates. I can choose to focus on one craft or another to maximize productivity, but when creativity is in it’s rawest form, I can’t control what comes first. At the end of the day, it’s coming from the same source, so I look at each discipline as different tools in which to help communicate with others.

CS: I consider you to be an independent artist who books your own gigs
and creates independently. What do you think is the best part about
being indie?

JP: The best part is having control of your image and art. A lot of times, the trade off for having outside support is that you have to surrender control of yourself to them. I enjoy having my full integrity intact as well as being able to get all of the return from my efforts.

CS: What are you currently working on?
JP: I’m releasing a record that I’ve been working on for the past year called End Of The Future which is produced by fellow Dojo homie Jon Bom. I’m also working with The Dojo on an EP follow up to In The Land Of Wanderers. I’m also prepping some instrumental projects and my first mixtape.

CS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
JP: I see myself sustaining an evolving music career, and growing as a person and artist.

CS: A motto you live by?
JP: I’ve always liked the golden rule, treat others like you’d like to be treated. I do my best to adhere to that.

CS: Final thoughts?
JP: Thank you for inviting me for the interview. S/O to all the party people of the world. Much love to you all. You can catch my work at and

“Replay” The Single
Replay is the lead single off of the new album End Of The Future by Jack Preston, produced by Jon Bom. Replay is a “Dopeness Proclamation” asserting Preston’s position as an emcee.

End Of The Future
The End Of The Future refers to a moment manifested. It is the time during which an idea blossoms and the vision that was only imagined becomes tangible. Essentially the follow up to a 2010 collaboration, The Sonikah Project,emcee/producer Jack Preston of Atlanta and producer Jon Bom of the Bay Area further explore diverse musical terrains while exhibiting an intensified sense of stylistic command and musical maturity. Blending west coast production sensibilities with southern lyrical charm, these artists have fused together a Hip Hop album that is undeniably current yet forward looking. With assistance from their extended musical family including The Dojo Collective and LeVice, EOTF easily pushes boundaries and seamlessly blends fresh synths, 808’s and live instrumentation.

Photos were taken by Dre Davis (top),Ian Flannery(second one).

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MY New Design for RAH Threads t-shirt company

RAH Threads is a Miami based t-shirt company that I have collaborated with over the past couple of years. I’m so happy to have collaborated on another fresh t-shirt design called “Plant Vi$ion”! Check out the image  below and purchase the t-shirt “Plant Vi$ion” for only $20 from

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Y-DIZ and The “Oscipurpillate” Ep

Y-DIZ  is a Miami based producer  and one part creative brain behind the band Telekinetic Walrus. He recently  dropped his latest ep called “Oscipurpillate”. His experimental BASS gets under your skin and touches your soul in infinite ways.

I encourage you to experience Y DIZ  playing his music at a live show. Watch your mind and body melt into the musical landscapes he creates. Dive in!

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Tokio Aoyama – “The Loop” A Visual Art show

Japanese born painter Tokio Aoyama is back this summer with 2nd  solo art exhibition entitled The Loop. “The Loop” will showcase Aoyama’s latest surreal psychedelic paintings from his 2013 art series “Dogu”. Through his paintings he creates a mystical landscape that explores music, color, birth,life,transformation , the spiritual world and ancient Japanese mythology. The Loop exhibition  is being presented by Cre8 Gallery and Earth Tone arts at london based Hoxton Gallery. The exhibition will open August 1, 2013 from 6-9pm. Come prepared to party and enjoy some mind blowing visual arts.

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I can imagine Ka’ra Kersey as a bluejay or hummingbird flying over the beautiful California landscape and landing in the gritty streets of Oakland. I could see her perched on a power line looking out toward the city.

Ka’ra Kersey is woman of many talents. She’s a skilled songstress that she could write you a song that uplifts your soul or take you on trip down the bluesy queen lane. As an artist myself I am happy to have crossed paths and collaborated with Ka’ra Kersey. She is true gem in this JUNKYard World.

I present to you Ka’Ra Kersey’s Junkyard Mixtape Vol.1. The album art was illustrated by yours truly Corinne S. Francilus

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