On shine a track from Ethereal

 On shine

Incase you didnt know I’m huge hip hop head and i just love rhymes, anyways with that being said i wanted to pass this track on to the blogworld.Ethereal sent it my way and here’s what he had to say( that rhymes lol):

Hey what’s up guys, got a new track I’d like to share with y’all. It’s called ‘On Shine’ and it’s on the sampler for my newest upcoming project ‘Real. Good.’ . This is my first solo rap tape and it’s targeted to be out 10/31/10 . It’s also gonna have many Ethereal Instrumentals interwoven throughout the album. Features so far are Lazymane & Kosherbeets, Catalyst of The Nice Guise, Vibeself, Jess Paper, Freeman The MC, and a couple more dope heads. Lots of co-production by Cabin and Introspective Minds. Hope you guys are feeling it. Looking forward to your replies.
Peace and prosperity

Ethereal Music – www.supernatural.bandcamp.comwww.optimuspikachu.bandcamp.com – Happy Listening

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